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Welcome to Bama Blue Bullies, where we breed and raise top-quality XL American Bullies.


Since our journey in American XL Bullies began in 2007, we have remained resolutely committed to producing exceptional specimens of this breed. Our unwavering dedication to American XL Bullies and ensuring customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Welcome to the world of American Bully XL Pitbulls and Extreme XL Bullies, right here in the picturesque state of Alabama. Our lineup of American XL Bullies is truly extraordinary, and we take immense pride in being responsible for some of the world’s finest specimens of this breed. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey through the realm of American XL Bullies, where excellence is our hallmark. 🐾🌟🇺🇸

Our dogs proudly trace their ancestry to champion bloodlines, with each one being an esteemed member of the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). This illustrious heritage not only underscores their remarkable qualities but also solidifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in breeding.

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Our unwavering dedication revolves around the production of puppies that not only meet the exacting breed standard but also shine brilliantly in the competitive show ring. Whether your heart desires a loving family companion or a potential show-stopper, rest assured, we have the ideal puppy waiting to become your cherished companion.

Our Xl Bully Breeding Philosophy

At BamaBlue Bullies, our core belief is that responsible breeding should be synonymous with a relentless commitment to elevating the breed itself. Our stringent criteria encompass impeccable health, unwavering temperament, and flawless conformation. Every breeding decision we make is a meticulously calculated endeavor, rooted in the careful evaluation of pedigree, temperament, and the finest nuances of physical traits. Our pursuit of excellence in breeding is unwavering, ensuring that each generation we produce is a testament to our devotion to the breed’s betterment.

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Moreover, we recognize that socialization is a pivotal aspect of nurturing a truly well-adjusted puppy. Our commitment to their development extends to their earliest days, where we diligently introduce them to an array of experiences – from interacting with various individuals and animals to exploring diverse environments. This deliberate approach nurtures their confidence and fosters impeccable behavior, ensuring that our dogs grow into poised, adaptable companions capable of thriving in any setting.

Some facts about our Puppies

At BamaBlue Bullies, our puppies are not just raised; they are nurtured in the heart of our home, surrounded by boundless love and dedicated attention. We firmly hold the belief that early socialization and exposure to a diverse range of environments are the cornerstones of cultivating a truly well-adjusted dog. It is in this warm and caring atmosphere that our puppies embark on their journey toward becoming confident and adaptable companions.

As part of our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our puppies, they receive meticulous care. Prior to joining their new homes, our puppies are diligently dewormed and receive their initial set of vaccinations. To instill confidence in our puppy buyers, we extend a comprehensive health guarantee, ensuring the continued health and happiness of your new family member. Furthermore, our support doesn’t end with the purchase; we offer a lifetime of breeder support, standing by your side to provide guidance and assistance throughout your journey with our beloved pups.

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When you buy a puppy from Bama Blue Bullies, you’re not just getting a dog – you’re joining our family. We love staying in touch with our puppy buyers and hearing about how our puppies are doing in their new homes.

Our Facilities

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we place paramount importance on the living conditions of our dogs. Our kennel is a carefully designed sanctuary that offers ample space for our four-legged family members to frolic, exercise, and simply be themselves. Each kennel is spacious, well-ventilated, and thoughtfully maintained to provide the utmost comfort to our dogs.

A distinguishing feature of our facilities is the dedicated play area designed exclusively for our puppies. Here, they engage in interactive play, socialize with their littermates, and explore various stimulating elements, fostering their physical and mental development.

Maintaining a pristine environment is non-negotiable for us. Our daily routine includes rigorous cleaning protocols to ensure that the kennel remains spotless. We implement strict hygiene measures to prevent the presence of parasites and disease, including routine veterinary checks and vaccinations.

Our commitment to a healthy environment extends beyond just the physical aspects. It’s a holistic approach that guarantees our puppies are raised in an atmosphere that nurtures their well-being from day one. We believe that the foundation of a healthy and happy puppy starts with the surroundings they inhabit, and we spare no effort in upholding these standards.


We believe that a healthy environment is key to raising healthy puppies. That’s why we take great care to keep our kennel clean and free of parasites and disease.

Why Choose BamaBlueBullies for your Bully Puppy?

At Bama Blue Bullies, we epitomize a commitment to breeding exceptional American Bullies. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous years, our dedication to this art is unwavering.

Our breeding program stands as a testament to our meticulous selection process, where health, temperament, and conformation converge. We firmly believe that these attributes are the cornerstones of a truly remarkable American Bully.

Our support extends beyond the adoption day, as we offer a lifetime of breeder support to all our puppy buyers. We are not just breeders; we’re your trusted partners in your journey with our puppies.

Our facilities are second to none – a clean, spacious, and immaculately maintained kennel that serves as a comfortable haven for our beloved dogs.

Socialization starts early in our program, nurturing confident and well-adjusted puppies right from the beginning.

To instill confidence in our buyers, we provide a comprehensive health guarantee with every puppy we place in a new home.

If you’re in search of a top-quality American Bully puppy, your quest ends here at Bama Blue Bullies. Our mission is to bring forth healthy, well-adjusted puppies that not only meet but exceed the breed standard. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover more about the exceptional puppies we have available. Enjoy exploring our website and becoming a part of our extended family.