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Breeding of Pandora and Big Suge
American Bully dog standing outdoors.
Big Suge

Hey there! We’ve got some fantastic news to share with you – when we paired up our gorgeous American bullies, we get the cutest little American bully puppies. Meet Pandora, our stunning Merle Bam Bam granddaughter, and Big Suge, our strong MBB Warlock son. They’re a perfect match.

The puppies are perfect examples of the beautiful quality we aim for here at BBB.

Excited as we are? you can secure your new furry friend now!
The puppies have arrived! We have 3 females and 4 males. Prices and availability under each puppy. Any questions contact Josh!!

Breeding of Big Eli and Barbie
big eli
Big Eli

Big Eli is a massive stud with lots of growth left to do. He is our pick male from Big Queen and Zeus. The pedigree for these guys is stacked with Big dogs like DDK Hulk,Probulls Bam Bam , Alabama Iron Morran , Probulls King Kong, Probulls Halo , Dungeon 5150 ,Probulls Smasher.
Barbie is a Probulls Bam Bam granddaughter. These lines produce incredible offsprings.These puppies will be incredibly nice