Bama Blue Breedings

mossberg x hershey
slb mossberg 1
SLB Mossberg

If you wanna know what it takes to produce big bulls with color this is it. SLB Mossberg is 160 plus pound freak of nature . His head and bone is unreal. Our girl Hershey is just a absolute beauty with head and bone. This combination we put together here has HPP Mainframe Probulls Romper stomper,Bossy Goodbar and Markoff all upfront in the pedigree along with several others . We are excited to see the results. Taking deposits now! Puppies are due April 19th

axel rose x barbie
axle rose
Axel Rose

Taking it back to the old school This one should be phenomenal Barbie is a beautiful bull and Axle Rose is a absolute tank The pedigree is stacked with Probulls Bam Bam and King Smasher going heads up with Gk Chainsaw and Zullou’s X Factor. I can’t wait to see the outcome . Puppies are due March 2nd. These puppies will be super bulls with Unique Merle colors