Probull’s Bam Bam

Name: Probull's Bam Bam
Height: 22
Weight: 160
Head Size: 29
Stud Fee: TBD
Sire: Probull’s King Smasher

Probull’s Bam Bam is a sire at BamaBlueBullies, an American XL Bully breeder in Alabama. He is one of the largest XXL Bully style pitbulls in the world, with a height of 22 inches, a weight of 160 pounds, and a head size of 29 inches. His sire is Probull’s King Smasher and his dam is Pro-Bull’s Halo 5150 from TCK. He has a phenomenal structure and an incredible bloodline. He is also Probull’s Sinister’s littermate brother. Probull’s Bam Bam is available for stud service at BamaBlueBullies, where he produces high-quality puppies with heavy bone, bully features, and great temperament.

Check out the amazing Pedigree of Probull’s Bam Bam
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