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Best choice for American xl Bully and Pitbull puppies available for sale

Since our journey in American XL Bullies began in 2007, we have remained resolutely committed to producing exceptional specimens of this breed. Our unwavering dedication to American XL Bullies and ensuring customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Welcome to the world of American Bully XL Pitbulls and Extreme XL Bullies, right here in the picturesque state of Alabama. Our lineup of American XL Bullies is truly extraordinary, and we take immense pride in being responsible for some of the world’s finest specimens of this breed. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey through the realm of American XL Bullies, where excellence is our hallmark.

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The American Bully is a remarkable companion breed known for its confidence, vitality, and strong desire to connect with its family, which makes it an outstanding choice as a family companion. Despite their imposing and powerful appearance, American Bullies have a gentle and affectionate nature. They are exceptionally good with children and exhibit a high degree of friendliness towards strangers, other dogs, and various animals.

Welcome to the distinguished realm of American XL Bullies, where breeding excellence and unparalleled quality converge. Our journey, deeply rooted in a passion for this majestic breed, has been a testament to our commitment to raising the bar in American XL Bully breeding. We take immense pride in our role as custodians of this breed, ensuring each puppy embodies the zenith of health, temperament, and conformation.

Breeding Philosophy: A Blend of Science and Art

Our breeding program is more than a mere process; it’s a fusion of scientific precision and artistic vision. We meticulously select our breeding pairs based on a comprehensive understanding of genetics, health, and temperament. This approach ensures that each litter advances the breed, contributing to the robustness, intelligence, and distinctive characteristics of the American XL Bully.

Exceptional Lineage: The Legacy Continues

Our breeding lineage stands as a beacon of excellence. With pedigrees boasting names like the legendary Hulk and the renowned Black Mamba, our puppies inherit not just superior physical traits but also a storied legacy. This rich heritage is evident in their commanding presence, balanced temperament, and striking appearance.

Raising the Bar: Our Puppies

The Epitome of Health and Temperament

Each puppy is a living testament to our unwavering standards. From the moment they are born, they receive meticulous care and attention, ensuring they grow up healthy, confident, and well-socialized. Our comprehensive health program includes regular check-ups, vaccinations, and genetic testing, guaranteeing a life companion of unparalleled quality.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Our puppies dazzle with a diverse array of colors and patterns, including the rare merle, tri-colors, and champagne lilac. This spectrum not only adds to their visual appeal but also reflects the genetic diversity and vitality of our breeding program.


Beyond Breeding: A Lifetime Companion

More Than Just a Pet

We understand that adopting an American XL Bully is welcoming a new family member. Therefore, we extend our support and guidance to each new owner, ensuring a seamless transition for both the puppy and the family. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, as we cherish updates and stories of our puppies enriching the lives of their new families.


Join the Elite: Why Choose Us?


Our satisfied clientele, including notable figures like football star DeVonta Smith, is a testament to the quality and care we invest in each puppy. Choosing us means becoming part of an exclusive community that values excellence and a deep connection with these magnificent animals.

We are please to Welcome Devante Smith to thje Bamabluebullies Family
We are please to Welcome Devante Smith to thje Bamabluebullies Family

Our breeding program boasts a remarkable lineage, with one of our females Big Queen, being the great-granddaughter of the legendary Hulk, through her connection with Black Mamba. This unique heritage sets us apart from other breeders in the industry. Notably, Black Mamba, who is a daughter of the famous Hulk, further enriches our bloodline and contributes to the exceptional quality and pedigree of our American Bullies.

Over many years, we’ve passionately nurtured XL / XXL pitbull bullies, carefully curating our bloodlines to include only the most exceptional specimens. Our deep-rooted experience and unwavering professionalism set us apart. The XL / XXL bully puppies we raise are truly in a league of their own, embodying the pinnacle of their breed.

XL bully puppies Raised in a Loving and Nurturing Environment

We understand that a puppy is much more than just a pet – it’s a lifelong companion, and we take the care and raising of our puppies seriously. Each of our pups is lovingly raised in a nurturing environment, ensuring that they are healthy, happy, and well-socialized. We want our customers to feel confident in their new family member, and we stand behind our puppies 100%.

Ready to Embark on Your Journey?
We invite you to explore the possibility of adding an extraordinary American XL Bully to your life. Our doors are always open for inquiries, and we are more than happy to guide you in finding the perfect match. Contact us at 205-394-4183 and discover why we are the premier choice for American XL Bully enthusiasts.