King Zeus

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Name: King Zeus
Height: 23
Weight: 130
Head Size: NA
Stud Fee: $2,500
Sire: Alabama Irons Gunslinger
Dam: Alabama Irons Nyla

When we talk about big dogs, nothing comes close to the legendary King Zeus, the XXL American Bully Pitbull. He stands tall and proud, living up to his regal title. But what makes him so special?

To start, King Zeus is related to one of the greatest American Bully Pitbulls of all time – his granddaddy Probulls King Kong. This heritage is part of what makes King Zeus a truly remarkable animal.

King Zeus is a giant in the canine world. His size is intimidating, but it also adds to his impressive stature. He commands attention with his imposing presence, and his strength and agility are unmatched by any other dog.

But King Zeus is more than just a big dog. He is an intelligent, loyal, and loving companion. He loves to spend time with his family and can be easily trained to obey commands. He is an amazing protector and has been known to deter potential intruders with his intimidating size.

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